Aspen's Only French Alpine Bistro

Cosmopolitan culinary connoisseurs searching for the elusive triad of an excellent lunch and dining experience: outstanding food, romantic and intimate atmosphere and unique interior design.



The Owners, The Chef, His Team & Their Mascot

The restaurant kitchen is currently managed by an accomplished international team, led by Bass Kritnikron, who has mastered French cuisine under the guidance of Michelin star chefs.

Bass and his team work closely with the owners and their family recipes that were handed down over generations. “We like to source global talent”, co-owner Karin Derly says. While the successful couple, partners not only in business but also in life, has summoned the talent of various European chefs over the years, it is them who like to add the final touch.

“Both Karin and I are passionate about cooking and food”, Raphael Derly emphasizes. “I cooked Cheese Fondue for our first date as it was the first day of snow for the season”, he smilingly adds. “I thought that was romantic and I guess it worked. We got married two months later and have been happily married for over seven years. I truly believe that our guests feel that the restaurant has been built with love; they taste the love in our food.”


A year ago, Matisse, the owners’ yellow lab puppy joined the fun. Highly food oriented and a connoisseur in his own rights, he quickly became the restaurant’s mascot and often entertains guests of all ages who lunch on the patio or sidewalk tables.