Cosmopolitan culinary connoisseurs searching for the elusive triad of an excellent lunch and dining experience: outstanding food, romantic and intimate atmosphere and unique interior design.

Eat Together


We strongly believe that eating together is innate to human beings, as we have gathered by fire and shared food since the beginning of time.

The intimate nature of our restaurant makes it the perfect place to share an experience while bonding with friends and loved ones. Hence, it comes as no surprise that The Food Network, “...fell in love at first bite” and named our French Alpine Bistro - Creperie du Village as one of the Top 5 restaurants in the United States for Best Romantic Foods, specifically for our famous fondue.

At our establishment, we offer a one-of-a-kind experience like no other and our community table, which can accommodate up to 14 guests, is often shared by different parties; friends are made and memories are created.

we melt for you

Fondue and Raclette, which feature on the menu in our French Alpine Restaurant, are must-haves for any visitor to Aspen.

The word fondue comes from the French word, fondre, which means ‘to melt’.

The origin of fondue, however, began in Switzerland as a way to use aged cheeses and breads to feed families who had limited access to foods during the cold winter months. Local villagers found that if the cheese was heated with wines, garlic, and herbs they could dip their bread into the flavorful cheese mixture.  This interactive way of cooking together over one pot and eating by a warm cozy fire became a Swiss winter tradition known as fondue.


Raclette (pronounced: “raˈklet”) is the ultimate Swiss experience, which refers to the dish, the actual Raclette cheese, the table-top grill that melts it and last but not least a great time.


apéritif & Après-ski


A great ski vacation isn’t just about the slopes and the powder—it’s also about the partying that you do once your skis are put away for the day, and we all know that one of the best
things about skiing is the après-ski. While some places get a little wild and boast loud music, the French Alpine Bistro offers a more refined après-ski experience, which invites
guests to kick back with a glass of wine, while savoring authentic alpine food in a distinctly elegant chalet setting.


Apéritif at our French Alpine Bistro is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the French way of life. It refers not only to the nibbles and the drinks but also the fun-loving moments experienced before a meal. Watch the world go by with a glass of Pastis, while snacking on Ratatouille, Olive Tapenade or some Chicken Liver Pâte.


Other sweet delights one should not miss out on are:

The Midnight in Paris: Crème Brûlée Crêpe w/ Suzette Style Custard & Crispy Caramel

The Big Apple: Caramelized Apples, Touch of Cinnamon, Topped w/ Crunchy Almond Walnut Streusel, Vanilla Bean Ice Cream & Calvados

On The Sweet Side

The French Alpine Bistro is an absolute dessert haven. It is hard to go wrong here, unless it’s your pronunciation of the Schokoladepalatschinke.

The Name: “Schokolade” is German for Chocolate. “Palatschinke” is Austrian-German for “crêpe”.

The popularity of this one-of-a-kind dessert concoction led to it being featured on the Cooking Channel in the show “Chuck Eats the Street”.